No matter how well-developed and -implemented your lawn upkeep routine, specific grass issues will always plague your landscape. Most of them have no permanent solution because they are a natural result of having live grass. Covering your yard with the best artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA resolves these issues permanently.

Persistent Problems Solved by Artificial Grass

The biggest obstacle to achieving a pristine yard is maintenance. Natural grass upkeep is incredibly complicated, expensive and time-consuming.

Watering, mowing, fertilizing, weeding and applying pest control solutions —if you miss any of these upkeep chores, you’ll risk having a lawn that’s overrun by weeds, pests and other issues.

In contrast, synthetic turf’s health isn’t wholly dependent on its upkeep. Even if you forget to clear debris from its surface for a day or two, it won’t have drastic repercussions on your installation.

Aside from maintenance-related issues, artificial grass also solves the following problems for good:


Weeds are the bane of every live lawn. No amount of weedicides can keep them at bay for long. Switch to synthetic grass, and you’ll drastically reduce, if not eliminate, your encounters with them. Even the hardiest and most persistent weeds can’t penetrate its sturdy surface.

For extra protection against the unwanted plants, ask your reliable artificial turf installer in Santa Rosa to add a weed barrier to your installation.


White grubs, billbugs, cutworms, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and other critters frequent live lawns to munch on their roots, take shelter among their grass and wait for their prey.  Their presence also attracts moles, skunks and other vermin. Unfortunately, like weeds, the application of pesticides is not enough to get rid of them completely.

Synthetic turf neither attracts nor hosts pests. It doesn’t feature the ideal hunting, breeding and nesting conditions for grass-loving bugs.

Toxic Solutions

A common way to deal with unwanted guests in live lawns is to apply weedicides or pesticides. However, such solutions feature toxic chemicals that can bring harm not only to the environment but also to anyone close enough to inhale their fumes. On top of that, most weed and pest control solutions linger for days after their application.

The best artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA needs neither weedicides nor pesticides to keep unwanted guests at bay.

Uneven Grass Growth

There are many reasons for inconsistent grass growth. Areas with balding spots and thin turf may not be getting the sunlight, nutrients and hydration they need to produce healthy grass. They may also be suffering from an underlying pest infestation or fungal disease.

On the other hand, there’s no need to water, weed, fertilize and mow synthetic turf regularly to ensure it’s green and lush all year. Enjoy turf at an even, perfect height without any effort from your part.

Have a Hassle-Free Lawn When You Go Synthetic  

Invest in premium natural, synthetic grass in Santa Rosa to solve these recurring problems for good and simplify your lawn upkeep routine.

Look to Santa Rosa Artificial Grass for top-notch landscaping solutions and professional installation services. Our experienced team of experts is well-equipped and well-trained to handle your project.

On top of that, all the synthetic turf products we use feature:

✓ Exceptional durability

✓ Purpose-specific functionality

✓ Weather resistance

✓ Many other long-term benefits!

Achieve the landscape of your dreams without the upkeep hassles and grass problems that come with live lawns. Call Santa Rosa Artificial Grass today at 408-723-4954, and let’s get started with your project!