Synthetic turf is an excellent home investment. It allows you to have a beautiful, evergreen lawn minus most of the upkeep hassles of its natural counterpart. Let a professional artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa handle your project to avoid these costly mistakes that can affect your long-term lawn experience.

High-Stakes Errors Expert Installers Know Not to Make

Be selective of your artificial grass installer. Avoid amateur and fly-by-night installers as they are prone to committing mistakes that can affect the aesthetics and functionality of your lawn permanently, such as:

Failure to Ensure Efficient Drainage

An effective drainage system is a must for synthetic landscapes. It’s what prevents puddles and flooding after a heavy downpour, which consequently staves off mold, mildew, moss and bacteria buildup on the turf.

Expert installers ensure efficient drainage by distributing a porous sub-base and infill on the ground before placing synthetic turf. These form a stable draining base, which usually lasts years.

Failure to Prepare Base Surface

The base surface has a considerable impact on the functionality and longevity of a synthetic grass installation.  Without proper preparation, it can lead to uneven, sunken and protruding turf, among other issues.

A professional artificial turf installer in Santa Rosa starts base preparation by clearing the project area of vegetation. This phase includes plants, weeds, roots and other organic matter. Once the area is clear, experts apply weed control solutions to prevent future growth. Then, they level the site, place an aggregate base and even out the surface using a compactor or roller compactor.

Failure to Secure the Edges

Unsecured edges do not just form unsightly gaps and bulges over time. They also tend to lift due to constant use, which can create tripping hazards.

Synthetic turf installers employ various types of edging depending on the unique conditions of your project. For instance, if you want a perimeter with a perfect surface for tucking grass, they may use timber edging. Other types of edging include paving, composite plastic edging, pressure-treated sleepers, steel edging and concrete gravel boards.

Failure to Guarantee Seamless Joints

Ensuring consistent seams is a challenging part of synthetic grass installation. Several factors affect its accuracy, such as how you cut the turf, how much you cut and what materials you used to stick joints together. When done improperly, the seams can form indents and other tripping hazards.

A professional artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa utilizes various tried-and-tested strategies to ensure invincible seams.

Santa Rosa Artificial Grass: Your Ally for Efficient and Error-Free Installations

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