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Your Artificial Grass Installer in Santa Rosa: Creating Beautiful Residential Landscapes across California

At Santa Rosa Artificial Grass, we specialize in beautifying residential landscapes. As the top artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa, we have the expertise to make your lawn, patio, or poolside turf the most pristine in your neighborhood!

Transform Your Landscape with Synthetic Turf!

Installing artificial grass to your residential landscape creates a difference. Here at Santa Rosa Artificial Grass, we can give you lasting landscapes that are a delight to see and a joy to maintain.

  • Low Maintenance Turf
    Natural grass takes too long to grow and requires great effort to maintain. Get instant, drought-resistance lawns with artificial grass! To get the best green landscape as fast as can be, get our residential artificial landscape services!
  • Water and Bill Saving
    With artificial turf, you no longer have to water the grass to make it grow and keep it green. This means lots of savings on your water bills!
  • Cleaner and Better Grass
    With synthetic turf, you get a texture which makes safety a priority. Plus, the drainage in it dries out in record time. No more muddy surfaces thanks to highly synthetic surfaces!
  • Less Dirt in the House
    Gone are the days when children and pets track dirt in the house. With our mud-free artificial turf, a cleaner house and surrounds await!
  • Better Drainage
    With our artificial grass’ superior infill and advanced drainage system, heavy rains and pet urination are not a problem. Excess water is drained before you know it!
  • Environmentally Friendly
    No more mosquitoes and dirt dwellers! Our all synthetic and mulch-free installations eliminate the use of harmful pesticides, which means less damage to the environment!

Creating Landscapes You’ll Love

At Santa Rosa Artificial Grass, you will have a yearlong green space, ready for playing by children and pets. Each lawn and landscape remains vibrant and pristine through thoughtful design and smart technology!

  • Yards
    Our artificial turf requires no watering, fertilizing, mowing, or raking. Say goodbye to tiresome lawn maintenance and hello to a lush, beautiful yard!
  • Dog Turfs
    Our turfs are designed with pets in mind. Durable grass fibers can withstand pet activity, and pet urine drains right through the grass’ efficient draining system. Plus, it’s mud free, so no more tracking of dirt in the house!
view from hill
  • Putting Greens
    Play golf and bocce all day long on our turf installations. With the extra cushioning it provides, the synthetic grass will give you a nice backdrop for unlimited games with the family!
  • Playgrounds
    Create a healthy space for your children to play in! Our special artificial grass is safer than bare soil or gravel, and protects from sudden falls with its soft under padding. It’s a playground your kids will enjoy every minute!
  • Patios
    Cool down your pool and deck with our special grass installations. Unlike other floor surfaces, our turf does not mold or become slippery when wet. Best of all, its natural look makes your patio more enticing!

Get Started with Your Landscaping Project!

Santa Rosa Artificial Grass serves the following areas:

  • Marin County
  • Sonoma County
  • San Francisco County
  • Lake County
  • Napa County

Make your residential landscapes sparkle and shine using artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA. With Santa Rosa Artificial Grass, your turf will look bright and new! Contact us today for more details.

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