Want your own garden but don’t have the yard for it? Luckily, the best artificial turf installer in Santa Rosa has a beautiful solution for this issue: a rooftop garden.

Synthetic grass is perfect for rooftop applications because it’s lightweight, requires very little maintenance, and can be fitted on rooftops of any shape and size. Need inspiration for your green oasis? Check out the following creative ideas!

Simple and Elegant Rooftop Garden

Sometimes, less is more, so consider going minimalist with your rooftop lawn! Include sleek architectural lines, neutral colors and bold-looking plants in your garden. For added decorations, choose sleek looking pots, vases and furniture.

Rooftop Putting Green

Say goodbye to leaving your home to practice strokes! An artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa would be happy to help you design and install a rooftop putting green. The best part? You don’t need to mow, water and fertilize the turf. All you need to do is brush the synthetic grass blades for cleaning and maintaining the lush texture. Spend more time playing and less on putting green maintenance.

Small but Stylish Rooftop Gardens

No matter the size of your rooftop garden, installers can still transform it with artificial grass. Expert installers also find ways to make your rooftop look unrecognizable with their extensive landscaping experience!

To maximize your rooftop space, you can go for furniture that you can store away after use. Or, you can go for a customized couch that fits perfectly with the shape of the railings and walls.

Green up Your Walls

Did you know that artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA is not just for flooring? You can also ask your installer to fit turf for green accent walls for your rooftop.

Combine shades, pile height and materials to create visual texture. Moreover, add hanging baskets or plant boxes to make the wall more interesting. You can also go for a hanging herb garden.

Embrace Whimsical Rooftop Garden Ideas

You can never go wrong with the whimsical theme if you want the ultimate relaxing spot! Achieve this with an artificial grass lawn and rustic decorations like wicker chairs.

Another addition you should consider is a wooden outdoor pergola. It’s the perfect aesthetic match with artificial turf, and you can decorate it to your liking. For example, you can hang plants from the pergola or grow vines to climb upon it.

Don’t forget to work with your chosen artificial turf installer in Santa Rosa when considering pergolas and other structures.

Creative Rooftop Landscaping With Artificial Turf

Revamp your rooftop today with artificial grass! With its realistic look and versatility, artificial turf is great for all kinds of projects aside from rooftops. To guarantee the success of your landscaping project, work with the experts at Santa Rosa Artificial Grass. Call us at 408-723-4954, and let’s get started!