The most well-known use for artificial grass might be as a lush cover for yards and lawns, but its applications go way beyond that. In the hands of our expert installers, this versatile material can make almost any part of your home come to life. Get inspired with these five creative ways to use high-quality artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA!

Top 5 Creative Hacks for Artificial Grass

Artificial grass lets you enjoy green spaces anywhere in your home. It can be fashioned to fit even the most uniquely-shaped spaces and unusual surfaces. In fact, your imagination is the limit when it comes to applying artificial grass. Here are some uses for synthetic turf you might not expect:

1. Surround your pool area with artificial grass.

Concrete is a popular pool surround material, but natural synthetic grass in Santa Rosa offers a much safer and comfortable alternative with its non-slip surface and soft blades. The realistic green hue is also a beautiful complement to the crystal blue waters of your pool.

2. Cover lawn furniture with synthetic turf.

Why stick with traditional lawn furniture design when you could switch it up with artificial grass? Create a garden wonderland by covering your outdoor chairs, tables and playground furniture with synthetic turf. Not only does this add heaps of curb appeal to your backyard, but the durability and weather-resistant quality of artificial grass also protect your furniture and make it last longer.

3. Go green for your balcony and rooftop.

Not sure what to do with your rooftop or balcony? Transform it into a mini paradise with high-quality artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA! Synthetic turf is lightweight, porous and can be applied on most balcony or rooftop flooring. Add a small table and a couple of comfy chairs, and you’ve got a personal sanctuary where you can relax anytime you wish.

4. Use artificial grass as a carpet replacement for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Replace that dull, stain-prone carpet with low-maintenance artificial grass! This material can withstand high foot traffic without sustaining damage, making it a practical floor cover for recreation rooms, living room and even the bedroom. You can even use it to green up your walls and introduce some nature vibes to your favorite spots around the house.

5. Build a personal putting green with artificial turf.

Golf enthusiasts rejoice! With synthetic turf, you no longer have to pay expensive club dues or drive to the range every time you want to practice your game. Artificial putting green grass can be designed to fit any game style. We can install it in your yard, basement, office, game room or any place you want it. Feel free to customize it with holes, sand traps, tee boxes and other features for a putting green that’s truly your own!

Explore the Amazing World of Artificial Grass!

These five hacks are just the beginning of what you can do with artificial grass. As the best artificial turf installer in Santa Rosa, we can’t wait to help you with your project and share more fantastic ideas on how to use synthetic turf. Call us today at 408-723-4954 for inquiries!