The best synthetic grass in Santa Rosa is perfect for event venues that require grass carpeting. It also looks lush and vibrant all year long with minimal upkeep, so you won’t have to stop your operations for seasonal lawn maintenance. Upgrade your business with beautiful, grass-covered venues!

Benefits of Artificial Turf for Event Venues

Grass-covered outdoor event venues are in-demand, but they can be quite difficult to maintain. They need regular watering, trimming, mowing, fertilizing and weeding —all of which consume a lot of time and money to accomplish. Fail to do these tasks, and you’ll get a lawn with dirt patches and uneven greenery all around.

Artificial grass is easier to maintain than its natural counterpart. Just rinse, brush and sweep it occasionally, and you have a pristine lawn that will last for up to 15 years. Better yet, easy upkeep isn’t the only advantage of synthetic turf over the real thing. Use artificial grass for event landscapes to:

• Reduce water bills

California droughts cause real grass to wilt and soil to crack. It takes a ton of water to keep live lawns hydrated. With heat-resistant, premiere artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA, you don’t have to water the grass regularly to keep it healthy.

• Stay guest-ready

Artificial grass surfaces are always event-ready. All you need is to hose them down and brush up their grass blades, and you’re good to go. Prepare to get fully booked not only during peak periods, but also during seasonal downtimes!

• Offer a dirt-free venue surface

Natural grass accumulates dirt, which becomes muddy when it rains or spilled on. This isn’t a problem with synthetic turf, as it automatically drains moisture. You don’t have to worry about your guests getting muddy or tracking dirt when they walk on damp turf. Artificial grass also eliminates the need for costly sod replacement, which is a must for natural lawns.

• Enjoy durable grass

Live lawns, specifically those that experience high foot traffic, are also full of grass clippings.  They’re a nuisance for guests as they stick to clothes and leave stains. In contrast, green synthetic grass in Santa Rosa, CA remains sturdy and intact even under high volume of foot traffic. Your lawn retains its pristine quality throughout an event, while your guests retain the cleanliness of their clothes.

• Go green

Natural grass requires toxic pesticides and weedicide to stay healthy. The fumes of these solutions are harmful not only to those exposed to them but also to the environment. Most lawnmowers also emit fumes that have the same effect on the environment. Synthetic turf stays lush and well-manicured all the time, eliminating the need for pesticides and regular grass trimming. Give back to the environment with artificial grass.

Get Artificial Grass for Your Event Venue!

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