Thanks to modern technology, synthetic grass can now mimic the look and feel of real grass without all the hassle and expenses. Unlike real turf, artificial grass effectively eliminates the need for mowing, mulching and watering —and that’s not all. Pet-friendly artificial turf for dogs in Santa Rosa can also significantly boost your pooch’s well-being.

4 Ways Pet-Friendly Turf Can Contribute to Your Dog’s Health

Dogs are usually more accustomed to natural turf. To address this, artificial grass experts have redesigned synthetic turf to cater to every pet’s specific needs and requirement.

Below are some attributes that make artificial grass a healthier option for pets:

1. It is lead-free.

Among the concerns on early manufactured grass were the traces of lead found on the turf. Lead exposure can have serious consequences on dogs. It can trigger neurological symptoms such as seizures, fatigue, anxiety and poor appetite.

Thanks to agreements made in 2008 by turf manufacturers with the Center for Environmental Health, synthetic grass is now lead-free. This means that it is 100% guaranteed safe for pets, even when they accidentally chew on the grass.

2. It is free of pollen.

One of the bothersome aspects of natural grass is that it attracts pollen, especially during the springtime. Once your dog’s skin absorbs the pollen, they will tend to lick, chew and scratch the affected areas. Too much of these activities can cause the dog to get scabs, lose their hair, sneeze or even vomit. Since turf from a high-quality artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa does not attract pollen, your pet can continue playing on your lawn and not worry about triggering allergies.

3. It does not require chemicals.

Natural grass typically requires pesticides to keep it from fading and free from bacteria. Not only is this costly, but it can also trigger symptoms in canines such as skin rashes, nausea, vomiting and eye irritations. In the long run, dogs also risk developing bladder cancer. Since artificial grass doesn’t need pesticides for its maintenance, your dog won’t be exposed to such harmful chemicals.

4. It does not encourage digging of holes.

Digging holes is a common behavior among canines. This activity promotes tracking of dirt into your house.  When this happens, you and your family members are at risk of getting soil-related bacterial and fungal infections.

The good news is that since pet-friendly artificial turf in Santa Rosa is soil-free and has anti-microbial infill, your family and your pooch are protected from these soil-dwelling bacteria. In addition, the lack of soil prevents dogs from digging deeper into it, slowly eliminating this behavior.

Protect Your Pet’s Health with Artificial Grass!

When it comes to your lawn options, natural isn’t always better. Still deciding between natural and synthetic grass in Santa Rosa for your lawn? Invest in artificial turf for a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to real grass.

Let Santa Rosa Artificial Grass provide you with a design that will not only benefit your pets but improve your residential lawn as well! Call 408-723-4954 now for a FREE quote on your next landscape project.