Your grass yard may be nice to look at, but it’s quite a hazardous area. Common garden elements like rocks, pests, equipment and the grass itself can cause accidents for playful toddlers, unsuspecting grown-ups and curious pets. The good news is that you can prevent many injuries from occurring by simply switching to synthetic grass from the best artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa.

Common Accidents in the Garden

Outdoor areas like gardens and lawns are some of the most accident-prone areas of a home. Natural grass can induce allergic reactions, while the chemicals used for its upkeep endanger the health of those in the immediate vicinity. Aside from these, here are the top injuries that happen in the backyard:

  • Trips
  • Falls
  • Slips
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Cuts and scrapes, especially when using garden tools
  • Injuries from defective yard equipment
  • Electrocution

On top of this, natural grass’s risk factor can increase depending on the season. Summer and spring are prime time for allergies and pests, while winter freezes the ground and makes it incredibly slippery. Replacing real grass with high-quality synthetic grass in Santa Rosa eliminates most of these dangers effectively.

How Artificial Grass Reduces Yard Accidents

Synthetic turf allows you to maintain a picturesque and hazard-free lawn thanks to these special features:

  • Non-Slip Surface

Real grass gets very slippery after rain, and this can lead to trips and falls. The best artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa can eliminate this risk with the synthetic turf’s non-slip technology.

The blades of artificial grass are designed to maintain a good surface grip regardless of the moisture in the area. In fact, the non-slip surface of synthetic turf is so efficient; it has become one of the preferred materials when it comes to pool surrounds.

  • Efficient Drainage

Synthetic turf has a porous backing that quickly drains water from the surface down to the subsoil. As a result, artificial grass dries quicker than its natural counterpart and does not create puddles for people to slip on.

  • Inhospitable for Pests

Say goodbye to bug bites and creepy crawlies! Unlike natural grass, pet-friendly artificial turf for dogs in Santa Rosa does not offer food or shelter to insects, rodents and other pests.

  • Hypoallergenic

Grass pollen is one of the worst allergens. It can trigger symptoms like itching, sneezing, hives and runny nose. The danger is exceptionally high for those with severe allergies; prolonged exposure can eventually lead to anaphylactic shock. Synthetic grass is completely free of grass pollens, allowing everyone to enjoy the yard without worrying about their allergies.

  • Low Maintenance

A major perk of switching to synthetic grass is that you don’t need to do basic yard chores like mowing, watering, cutting, fertilizing or weeding anymore. This significantly lowers accidents since many yard-related injuries are due to the improper use of tools, mowers and toxic upkeep chemicals.

Make Your Yard a Safer Place with Artificial Grass

Enjoy peace of mind every time your loved ones venture out into your lawn by switching to high-quality synthetic grass in Santa Rosa! As the premier installer in the area, our team at Santa Rosa Artificial Grass will ensure that your new yard is more beautiful, functional and safer than ever. Contact us at 408-723-4954 to talk about your project today!