Soothing, peaceful and calm. Most people want their homes to be a sanctuary from the world— a beautiful place to rest and relax. If that’s the vibe you want for your own space, consider carpeting your floors with artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA. Known as a fantastic landscaping material, it’s also making waves in interior design.

Soft Grass Flooring? Yes, But Only If It’s Synthetic

Nature seldom looks out of place in interior setups. That’s why plants are such a popular way to liven up living spaces. However, live plants and grass are high-maintenance. If you don’t have time or the inkling for grass and plant care, they can quickly become a nuisance inside the house.

Artificial turf offers an effortless solution for adding greenery to interior rooms. High-quality turf is soft, lush and boasts lifelike green tones. Other benefits for interior design include:

  • Minimal maintenance – no mowing, cutting, watering, fertilizing and other chores required by natural grass
  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic – a safer way to experience grass without allergy-triggering grass pollen and toxic lawn care chemicals
  • Versatile – for indoor use, artificial grass can be applied on most flooring surfaces including wood, concrete, tiles and more
  • Tough and durable – synthetic turf is a practical flooring material for high-traffic areas because it can withstand high amounts of foot traffic and daily activities
  • Pet-friendlyartificial turf for dogs in Santa Rosa is specifically designed for canine use with exceptional durability, safety and comfort

Ways to Green Up Your Floors Using Artificial Grass

These advantages make synthetic turf a terrific way to add something special to your interior flooring. Artificial grass-covered floors are a perfect fit for many types of spaces, from offices to bedrooms and more:

Synthetic Turf Flooring for Offices

More and more offices are choosing to carpet their spaces with artificial grass. Aside from being beautiful and low-maintenance, the color green is known to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and boost productivity. It’s a cool color, so it’s also easy on the eyes. This quality is useful for workers who experience eye fatigue due to staring at the computer for hours.

Artificial Grass Carpets for Bedrooms

Due to the soft, lush texture of synthetic grass in Santa Rosa, it’s fast becoming a popular alternative for bedroom carpeting. Aside from covering the entire floor with turf, you can also:

  • Fit the rug under your bed and side table. Leave a perimeter of the floor exposed. The bare hardscape will provide an excellent contrast to your lush, green rug.
  • Fit the rug under the bed and a portion of the bedside tables. The partial placement tastefully highlights the proximity of the bed and side tables (making them look like they’re a set), without overwhelming that space. This look is a great style strategy if the side tables don’t match the bed frame (e.g., the tables are made of plastic and the bed has a wooden frame).
  • • Place a small rug on either side of the bed. This is recommended if you want something soft to be the first thing you feel when you step off your bed but don’t want to place a huge artificial grass rug under your bed.

Synthetic Grass for Living Rooms Floors

The incredible durability of artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA makes it a wonderful choice for living room floors. It creates a warm, plush and safer surface to work on. Since its pressure-resistant, you can arrange heavy living room furniture on synthetic turf without worrying about damage.

Invite Nature into Your Home with Artificial Grass

There are so many creative waysto use synthetic interior design. But no matter what style you’re going for, working with expert installers is the key to beautiful, long-lasting results. Let Santa Rosa Artificial Grass bring your best design ideas to life! Call us now at 408-723-4954 to talk to one of our experts and receive a free consultation.