Artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA is well known as a low-maintenance and attractive alternative to natural grass. It gives landscapes a lush, green appearance that’s almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing. Aside from being an excellent material for backyards, synthetic turf can be applied on different surfaces, allowing homeowners to use it creatively around the house.

Surfaces Where You Can Apply Artificial Grass

Looking for more ways to incorporate artificial grass into your home’s design? Virtually any part of your home with the following surfaces can be enhanced using turf:

1. Concrete

Synthetic grass in Santa Rosa is easily installed over concrete, making it a great choice for swimming pool surrounds and patios. It can be cut into any size or shape, and it does not need a lot of adhesives to stay in place. Consider the level of foot traffic when selecting turf type for heavily used concreted areas, such as walkways. Choose a grass product known for its durability.

2. Wood

Wood is an excellent base for synthetic grass in Santa Rosa. You can use it to green up picnic table benches, wooden decks, planter boxes and other types of wooden outdoor furniture and décor. Just don’t forget to seal the wood surface to make it waterproof with a sealant. Moisture will drain through the turf’s mesh backing, and the sealant will prevent the wood from cracking, warping and forming mold.

3. Brick

Compared to wood and cement, it’s a little more challenging to install synthetic turf over brick. Fortunately, that’s not a problem for experienced installers. They typically add a thin pad over uneven brick surfaces to reduce wear and tear on the turf’s mesh fabric, then apply adhesive strips to secure the artificial grass. Use artificial grass to incorporate good-looking boundary lines over bricks to create stepping paths and other creative designs.

4. Plastic

Got some artificial grass remnants from your project? Put them to good use by sticking them on plastic to make decorative pieces. Play around with the following ideas:

• Cover plastic stools with synthetic turf for a softer seating surface.

• Glue artificial grass to outdoor tables for a unique ambiance.

• Use synthetic turf in place of fabric for craft projects.

You can even glue artificial turf for dogs in Santa Rosa to plastic pet crates, toys and beds to bring a bit of the outdoors indoors for your pets!

5. Soil

Finally, don’t limit your artificial grass project to just the backyard. A properly leveled soil surface is perfect for dog runs, putting greens, sports courts, playgrounds and other applications. The key is to hire a professional artificial grass installer that understands the different soil types and knows how to prepare the ground for proper drainage and laying.

Discover Unique Ways to Improve Your Home with Artificial Grass

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