Pythium Blight is one of the most destructive grass diseases in the US. During high-temperature conditions, it can kill large areas of turf in as little as a day. Measures to control and prevent it are costly, tedious and time-consuming. Find a sustainable alternative grass carpeting that’s resistant to this devastating fungus in premium artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA!

Pythium Blight: An Overview

Pythium blight is caused by a fungus that targets a variety of grasses. It is also known as cottony blight or grease spot because of the cotton candy-like growth of white fluffy aerial mycelium in infected turfgrass foliage. Other symptoms include widespread discoloration, soaked or slimy grass blades and dead grass. Grass is vulnerable to Pythium fungus all year round. While the risk is highest during the warm and humid conditions, the disease can also develop during cool and wet weather. It spreads rapidly and can ravage huge portions of turf if left unmitigated.

What to Avoid When You Install Artificial Turf

Covering your landscapes with synthetic grass in Santa Rosa eliminates the disease from your lawn. This is not only due to its invulnerability to grass conditions, but also because it doesn’t need most of the upkeep tasks that accelerate blight growth. They include:

1 Watering

Watering natural turf in the late afternoon can cause the fungi to spread. This is not a concern with synthetic grass. Since you don’t need to water artificial grass daily for it to thrive, you don’t need to worry about your watering schedule. Better yet, you can reduce your water costs long-term.

2 Fertilizing

Natural grass upkeep involves maintaining blade growth through low to moderate rates of fertilizer applications. This is crucial in keeping the soil pH in the neutral and slightly acid range. With artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA, you no longer have to worry about these tasks, as it does not require fertilizer.

3 Fungicides

Fungicides are needed to keep Pythium at bay during long periods of warm weather. These fungi control solutions are made of strong chemicals that may be detrimental to the environment. When you have artificial grass, you no longer need to use such potentially harmful solutions to prevent and get rid of the devastating fungi.

4 Mowing

Natural lawns require mowing to prevent damage from Pythium root rot. However, mowing not only costs a lot due to its fuel, but it also leaves a significant carbon footprint. Artificial grass stays the same throughout the years, so it doesn’t need regular trimming.

Prevent Pythium Blight Growth with Synthetic Grass!

Don’t wait for Pythium blight to take over your backyard before taking measures against it. Prevent its occurrence from the get-go by going synthetic. Hire a reliable artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa to make your home turf disease-free and aesthetically pleasing. Trust only Santa Rosa Artificial Grass for durable, vibrant and long-lasting synthetic turf landscapes. The benefits of getting our services include:

  • Achieving your dream backyard on the first try
  • Fast and efficient installation services
  • Friendly installers with numerous years of experience

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