Replacing your entire natural lawn with artificial grass can be daunting, and some homeowners are still on the fence about making the switch. However, the outstanding benefits are undeniable. Minimal maintenance, up to 25 years of use, and a forever green yard are just a few of its amazing advantages. To give you peace of mind and help you make a decision, here are four important things your artificial turf installer in Santa Rosa wants you to know about turf.

4 Important Things You Should Know About Synthetic Turf

A lot of misconceptions surround artificial grass installation, but all it takes is a bit of research. Your artificial grass installer would be happy to answer any question as well. Below are what every homeowner should know about investing in turf:

You can incorporate living plants in artificial turf.

Unfortunately, many believe that installing artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA means eliminating living plants in the process. But do you know that plants have no problem thriving in a synthetic turf landscape? Succulents, cacti, native plants, trees and shrubs require little maintenance and can grow with foreign materials around them.

The key is excellent planning of your landscape, especially if you have existing plants in your yard. For instance, you should make enough room when installing artificial grass near bamboos. Offshoots can cause holes in the synthetic turf when it grows, and it also effuses roots that change the garden’s landscapes.

You can also use hanging plants, planter boxes and pots to add live greenery to your yard. With this in mind, talk to your turf expert on how to combine plants with synthetic lawn.

Artificial grass is excellent for indoor use.

A lot of people learned that they can use artificial grass for indoors. It’s not only limited to your backyard or front lawn. Since it is made of non-toxic and soft materials, laying synthetic turf indoors can create comfortable play areas for your kids. Using artificial grass is ideal for creating an indoor sports arenas or your private golf paradise. You can also use it to cover bare, concrete walls if you want to create a green look in one of your rooms.

It is safe for kids and pets.

Do you know that natural grass can harbor more serious health hazards than synthetic grass in Santa Rosa? It requires toxic materials like fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides, and can also trigger allergies and cause trips and falls.

Artificial turf, on the other hand, is made of non-toxic materials such as nylon. And since it requires no chemicals, it is safer for pets and kids. You can also add a shock-absorbent layer to soften the impact of trips and falls.

Artificial grass is fire-safe.

It is almost impossible to stop a natural lawn when it starts burning. Thankfully, artificial grass reduces this risk because it is made of fire-rated materials. In the event of a fire, rest assured that the synthetic grass will not spread it even further to reduce the damage.

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Knowing these things will help you better understand what makes high-quality artificial grass such a fantastic alternative to a live lawn. To get started with your project, call Santa Rosa Artificial Grass at 408-723-4954, and kickstart your project with the most trusted artificial turf installer in Santa Rosa today!