Having a yard to play, run, and go potty in makes life much easier and more fun for both dogs and their owners. However, the stress, cost, and effort required by natural grass lawns can quickly make any pet owner unhappy with their outdoor space. Artificial turf for dogs in Santa Rosa presents a win-win situation as a healthier, more convenient, and equally beautiful alternative to natural grass.

Why Artificial Grass for Dogs is Better than Natural Grass

Dogs add so much joy to life but put them in natural grass, and you’ve got your work cut out for you! If you’re tired of muddy paw prints on your floors, holes in your yard, and other problems you get when dogs play on real grass, then check out these three awesome benefits that many pet owners are already enjoying:

    • Health

Synthetic turf is a much healthy alternative for dogs in several ways:

      • Keeps dogs safe from toxins
        A dog’s skin is highly sensitive, and constant exposure to pesticides and other chemicals in the grass and soil can be harmful to them. Artificial lawn eliminates this risk because it doesn’t need toxic lawn treatments to continue growing.
      • Prevents the accumulation of standing water
        Water tends to pool in natural yards after rain or watering. This makes your property prone to fleas, ticks, and other pests that can harm your dogs. Thanks to an efficient drainage system plus the fact that pests can’t survive on artificial grass, your dogs are safer on it.
      • No more painful weeds and prickles
        A lot of unpleasant surprises like sharp prickles, pointed weeds, and bits of loose stones can seriously hurt a dog’s paws, and synthetic grass eliminates this altogether so they can run and roll around outside out of harm’s way.
      • Convenience and Cleanliness

Most homeowners train their dogs to go potty on the grass. However, urine can kill grass and create unsightly brown spots, not to mention the bad odor that this causes. Modern synthetic turf is permeable, so you can easily use a little soapy water to wash away the urine and drain it away.

      • Beauty

Dogs love to dig, but doing it on your lawn will leave behind an unattractive mess of holes and torn-up grass. Worse, you and your dog can trip on those dangerous holes as well.

High-quality synthetic grass from an experienced artificial turf installer in Santa Rosa is extremely resilient and durable, and it won’t give way to even the most enthusiastic digging and activity. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy an attractive lawn while your dogs are free to play as they please.

Artificial Grass is the Best Choice for People and Pets

Aside from being safer, more convenient, and as attractive as natural grass, synthetic lawns installed by Santa Rosa Artificial Grass come with even more benefits such as:

  • Water savings
  • No mowing
  • Weather-resistance
  • Realistic feel
  • A wide range of designs and colors
  • And more

As the leading artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa, we can’t wait to show you just how much synthetic grass can improve your life! Get your free estimate by calling us at (707) 755-7464, and learn more about artificial lawns with our experts.