The clear, sparkling waters of a backyard pool becomes much more beautiful when surrounded by lush, green grass. Before you decide to use natural grass for your pool area, however, talk to an artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa to explore your options. Many Santa Rosa homeowners find artificial grass as the better choice for their pools thanks to its aesthetics, safety, and functionality.

Benefits of Pool Turf

Natural grass around pools may look amazing, but it comes with major disadvantages that can bring down the pool experience. Here’s a side-by-side look at the benefits of artificial grass versus real grass for pools:

  • Artificial grass is non-slip.

All that swimming, diving, and splashing means a high risk of slips and falls around pool areas especially with people walking around barefoot. Therefore, it’s not advisable to use materials like real grass which quickly gets slippery when wet.

In contrast, artificial grass is safer because it’s non-slip. It also provides a soft landing for anyone who trips and falls. Any water that makes it out of the pool has no chance to form slick puddles thanks to the drainage system of synthetic grass in Santa Rosa.

Choosing artificial grass for your pool area means you and your family can enjoy swim time without worrying about injury.

  • Artificial grass stays clean.

Installing natural grass around your pool area means having to deal with mud getting tracked all over your backyard and house. On top of that, real grass produces lawn trimmings that drift into the pool and make it look unpleasant. Artificial grass has no dirt, no yard debris, and no mess for you to deal with after a fun pool day.

  • Artificial grass is always beautiful.

Natural grass is delicate and gets trampled easily when placed in high-traffic areas such as the pool. In addition, pool cleaning chemicals like chlorine can stain, discolor, and kill the grass. Add weed growth and fading, and real grass can eventually spoil the look of your pool area.

On the other hand, synthetic grass is made of durable and resilient fibers. It can withstand constant impact from foot traffic and pool furniture and recover quickly from the pressure. Artificial grass will always look as green and fresh as the first time you installed it, ensuring the beauty of your pool area long into the future.

  • Artificial grass is low-maintenance.

Maintaining your pool is hard enough, but add the complicated upkeep required by real grass, and what’s supposed to be a relaxing part of your home can turn into a big source of frustration. Maintaining real lawn is difficult – you have to water, fertilize, mow, cut, and do all sorts of tasks just to keep healthy and alive.

Artificial grass makes your life much easier. After installation, all you need to is fluff it up from time to time, pick up debris, and maybe rinse it down if it gets too dirty. That’s it! You get more time to enjoy your pool instead of wasting your energy on maintenance.

Upgrade Your Pool Area with Artificial Grass

Want the aesthetics and functionality of real grass without the stress and hassle? Artificial grass makes that possible!

Santa Rosa Artificial Grass can install synthetic grass around all types of pools, and we can also help you achieve your dream putting green, play space, and dog run with artificial turf for dogs in Santa Rosa. Call us today at (707) 783-9824 to get your project started!