Grass pollen allergies can seriously bring down how much you enjoy your lawn, not to mention trigger symptoms that can be life-threatening at worst. With the help of the best artificial turf installer in Santa Rosa, you can finally reclaim your lawn experience and manage your allergies with ease.

Understanding Grass Allergies

Taking care of a real grass lawn can be difficult, even more so when you have to deal with grass pollen allergies at the same time. Also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis, its symptoms include watery eyes, runny or congested nose, and itching. In severe cases, contact with grass pollens can lead to hives or worse, anaphylaxis if the grass proteins enter the bloodstream through breaks in the skin.

Even the most basic lawn maintenance tasks such as cutting weeds or mowing the grass can dislodge pollens that can result in an allergy attack. Fortunately, realistic synthetic grass in Santa Rosa looks and feels as good as the real thing, but without the capacity to trigger grass allergies.

Synthetic Grass is Hypoallergenic

Since artificial grass isn’t real grass, it doesn’t pollinate, nor does it harbor plants and flowers that release pollen. Allergy sufferers don’t have to avoid coming into contact with their yards anymore, especially during allergy seasons like summer and spring. Other qualities of artificial grass that help prevent allergies are:

  • No mowing – Artificial grass does not grow. You’ll never have to mow it, which not only cuts down on your chores but also ensures that no pollen is stirred from the lawn.
  • No cutting – Experts recommend keeping natural grass short to prevent it from pollinating through the air. Depending on what you want artificial grass for, it will be installed at the perfect height that never needs cutting to stay beautiful.
  • Gentle bristles – Most types of grass have microscopic yet sharp bristles that can rub and scrape the skin —breaks through which pollen can enter and cause irritation. Tough artificial grass in Santa Rosa is durable yet soft enough against the skin to avoid such injuries.

More Benefits of Artificial Grass

Aside from being hypoallergenic, synthetic grass offers other advantages over natural grass. Here are just a few:

  • Without the need to water artificial grass, you can bring down your utility bills.
  • Artificial grass can last for decades with proper care.
  • Synthetic turf is made from non-toxic materials and doesn’t need harmful chemicals to thrive.
  • It offers a safer surface to land on.
  • Thanks to the efficient drainage layer, no bacteria-laden puddles will stay on your lawn.
  • Synthetic grass is weather-resistant and will maintain function and looks throughout the seasons.
  • It can withstand heavy foot traffic and activities without sustaining damage.
  • Artificial grass is excellent for numerous applications, such as putting greens, playgrounds, dog runs, and landscaping.

Enrich your lawn, home, and everyday life with high-quality artificial grass from the best artificial turf installer in Santa Rosa! Call Santa Rosa Artificial Grass today at 707-783-9824 for questions about the best synthetic grass products for your project.