Well-manicured backyards with comfortable outdoor living areas are important to Santa Rosa homeowners. But this feat is nearly impossible when your dogs use the yard as their play area, bathroom and hunting grounds. Now, don’t give up just yet! With the help of an artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa, you can finally have a resilient yard that makes you and your dog happy at the same time.

How to Dog-Proof Your Artificial Grass Backyard

Turf makes it possible to achieve your dream landscape while catering to your pet needs. The key is to prevent issues before they arise. That doesn’t mean forbidding your dog from their acting out their natural behaviors such as pacing, digging and running around.

It means creating a pet-proof lawn that lets them enjoy themselves while also giving you an attractive, functional and inviting outdoor space. Try out these ideas:

Replace natural grass with artificial turf

There’s no way around it— dogs and real grass just don’t mix. Sooner or later, you’ll have to deal with patches of dead grass, worn paths all over your garden and unsightly holes. Your pet is also vulnerable to hidden dangers in grass, such as fleas and ticks, toxic plants, thorns, grass burrs and lawn care chemicals.

Because of this, more and more pet owners are turning to artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA. Practical advantages include:

  • Efficient drainage system swiftly drains away liquid wastes like urine
  • Durable enough to withstand daily heavy use without getting damaged
  • Only requires a quick rinse to remove bad odors
  • Soft, gentle on the paws and feels like real grass – dogs don’t know the difference!
  • Almost zero maintenance
  • The color remains green and vibrant no matter how much your dog uses it as the bathroom

On top of that, top-quality artificial grass can last up to 15 years or longer. It’s a fantastic investment for a pet-friendly lawn that will serve your family for a long time.

Keep your plants safe from curious paws

Dog-proof your plants and flowers against playful paws by relocating them in planters and pots. Not only do these protect your plants, but it also prevents dogs from getting exposed to toxic vegetation.

Don’t worry about the weight of those planters crushing your turf! Artificial grass can withstand high levels of pressure without breaking, making them a great material for backyard gardens.

Deter digging with hardscape

There are many reasons why dogs dig, such as boredom, trying to escape, cooling down or simply because it’s fun for them.

If you want to lessen this behavior, integrate hardscape into your synthetic landscape. For instance, you can arrange large rocks along your fencing to prevent your furry escape artist. Carve out a dog run with paving throughout your backyard for a pup that loves to patrol your property.

An expert artificial turf installer in Santa Rosa can fit turf around any type of hardscape. So, bring up this feature during the consultation so they can integrate it into the design.

Add more fun dog-friendly features

One of the most effective ways to pet-proof your lawn is to give your pooch lots of things to do! They get to burn off their physical and mental energy while you get a beautiful lawn with interesting features. Some of the most popular backyard doggie amenities are:

  • A shallow pool or splash pad
  • Digging pit
  • Agility course
  • Dog house
  • Sunbathing deck

Achieve Harmony Between Your Pet and Your Yard with Artificial Grass

A pet-friendly yard that looks magazine-worthy too? It’s all possible with artificial grass! As the leading artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa, we’d love to help you design and achieve your dream landscape. Call us at408-723-4954 for a free estimate!